Ice and Palms

A truly inspiring and award winning film documenting Jochen Mesle's and Max Kroneck’s ski touring and bikepacking adventure across The Alps.

The two close friends have completed many mountain adventures together all over the world but a dream began to develop- A massive ski expiditon starting from their home country in Germany and finishing in Nice. This epic adventure would take them 6 weeks to complete, covering 1800km and 35000 meters of ascent- all by bike and ski power. 

This 32 minute documentary was first shown at St Anton Filmfest in August 2018 following them completing the expedition in June 2018. It's won several awards all around the globe since then including  (Finalist & World Tour Selection at Banff Mountain Film Festival, Best Mountain Sports Film at Vancouver Mountain Film Festival, Jury Prize at Winterfilm Festival France.

 Check out more about the duo on their websites:

Jochen Mesle's website 

Max Kroneck's website 

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