Off-Grid Campervan With Shower and Large Sofa

Tryfan Layout

Off-Grid Campervan With Shower and Large Sofa

Our Tryfan Layout

Tryfan is our most recent campervan conversion, meticulously crafted to our highest specification. Our newest campervan model exhibits a fresh design, custom-made for customers in search of a roomy interior, shower, and cozy seating area.

Crafted with great care, it boasts a new layout based on our extensive experience of living in vans full-time. Drawing from our knowledge, we have designed a camper that is not only suitable for vacations but also for full-time vanlife. Our main focus was to create a campervan layout that allows you to relax. Therefore, we prioritized a spacious sofa, a shower, a large double bed, a practical kitchen, and ample interior space.

Relax In Comfort

Our layout showcases a generously sized corner sofa. With its modified design, the seating base is angled for optimal relaxation. The addition of premium seating cushions and commercial grade upholstery adds to the overall comfort and style of the sofa.

The Tryfan kitchen design boasts ample kitchen storage, including a gas hob, sink, and a discreet drawer to optimize space, all complemented by our signature live edge oak worktop.

The newest lighting designs are handmade and feature copper and oak materials. They include down lights that produce a warm and inviting glow. All of our products are meticulously crafted in-house.

In our design, we have carefully considered the need for both space and storage. We provide plenty of room for lounging, while also ensuring that the storage capacity is optimized. Our aim is to maintain a comfortable and spacious environment for our campers, while keeping the vehicle's weight in check.



Galley kitchen with beautiful live edge English Pippy Oak worktop and splashback. There are 4 kitchen drawers which are all soft close, an 80cm unit for food storage, a 60cm unit which houses the sink with flip up worktop extension. A new black sink design that was custom made to our specifications and will now be an available upgrade in all of our campervan designs.


The sofa is spacious and includes a convenient storage area underneath. The cushions have been thoughtfully designed for easy access to all storage compartments within the sofa. It features premium seating foam with high-quality commercial grade upholstery.


Oak tabletop supported by a black powder-coated swivel table leg that securely locks into place.


Fully lined cubicle. Customized stainless steel powder coated shower tray. Enhance your shower floor's protection with a handcrafted English Pippy Oak duck board or resilient rubber flooring.


Dometic 976G Portable Toilet. A practical, compact large capacity toilet.



Width ways bed across the back of the camper using side pods to extend the internal space. 135cm x194cm double bed with memory foam topped mattress.


Upper storage cabinets with oak slab doors, knurled brass door handles, soft close hinges and heavy duty magnets. A great space for clothing. We use packing cubes in here to keep our clothes organised.

Large kitchen with practical storage and drawers.

The sofas feature spacious storage compartments with dividers for efficient organization.

Over cab storage with oak slab doors, knurled brass door handles, soft close hinges and heavy duty magnets.

Large storage area in garage under the rear bed.


Truma Combi diesel and electric heating and hot water system. The heater can be controlled via the digital control or a mobile phone app. Choose between heating and ventilation modes. When in heating mode it also produces hot water for washing or boost mode for additional hot water for long showers. When you heating is on you have hot water on tap for washing up, no waiting around for it to heat up.


Handcrafted copper lights throughout and bespoke feature lighting. Our team designs and manufactures all of our lighting fixtures in-house.


The proper insulation is vital to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the camper throughout the year, preventing heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. It also plays a significant role in reducing condensation within the living area. We either use professional spray foam insulation or use traditional building insulation such as Celotex 25 and 50mm foam board, spray foam in the tricky to reach spots, recycled loft insulation, silver bubble wrap, thermoliner and aluminium tape to create a vapour barrier.


Electrics cupboard with sliding door to keep everything safe and LED light. Boxed in area with access to Truma Combi heating and hot water system. Carpet or rubber flooring.


Our Tryfan campervan design includes a full Victron Energy and Blue Sea electrics which includes a Cerbo monitoring system, so you can check battery levels, LPG, fresh and waste water, DC/AC and Solar input and your power consumption all through one easy to use digital monitor. The system can also be accessed remotely for support and system upgrades.

The electrics are designed so that the van can be used fully off-grid. Powered by 30 or 50 amp DC charging, solar charging and shore power hook-up. She has a min of 300w flexible solar panels, they are light (important on a LWB build) and discrete. A 360ah Roamer Lithium leisure battery ensures you have plenty of energy storage.


Tryfan has several exterior upgrades to transform her sleek black exterior. A custom built Manta Deck roof rack, in our opinion the best quality that you can get in the UK. Powder coated aluminium means its light and tough, and even has strikes to reduce wind resistance noise.

On her rear doors she has a Mule combined ladder and spare wheel rack and a safari carrier that you can mount bike racks, skis or external storage too. All made from aluminium and powder coated they are insanely light and tough.

She has 18" Rhino Warlord Alloys and KO2 Goodrich All Terrain Tyres.

The 5 Tonne Leaf Springs on the front and back have effectively maintained the height after the conversion, resulting in a higher sitting position for the vehicle. Additionally, when combined with larger alloys and tires, the overall look of the vehicle gives the impression that it has been lifted. Tryfans active shock absorbers significantly enhance vehicle ride quality by effectively absorbing road bumps and optimizing cornering performance. Experience a smooth and enjoyable driving experience without any discomfort or instability during cornering maneuvers.

To complete her rugged appearance, she has wheel arch and bonnet trims from Terrawagon USA.


We place great importance on vehicle security, from the security equipment that we fit to where we park our vehicle on our travels. Tryfan has several security upgrades which we offer to all of our customers. Out of any upgrades to a campervan these would be our first recommendations.

Photorealistic 3D Renders

We can now offer a 3D render of your chosen design and colour scheme. The Nevis layout includes a graphic pattern unique to your build. 3D visuals are a great way to see your finished campervan before we start building

Conversion Specification

Please note specifications can be subject to change, we will issue customers with a final spec and quote.

Weight Considerations

Please be aware that it is essential to ensure that our campervan conversions do not exceed the recommended weight limit, particularly when dealing with vehicles that have long wheelbases. Every aspect of Tryfan and any additional upgrades has been carefully evaluated to ensure weight savings are achieved throughout the construction process. We have to balance design, functionality and additional kit to make sure your campervan has enough payload left for passengers, water, food and belongings etc.


Long Wheel Base Mercedes Sprinter Campervan Conversions

A Basic Tryfan Conversion Starts From £39,000 + VAT

These are approximate prices, design considerations, materials and equipment prices fluctuate. 

Excludes vehicle, we can help source vehicles if required. Contact us below with any questions.

Build slots require a non-refundable deposit to guarantee your build.

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