How to use an Omnia Oven

We have included questions we are asked most often about the Omnia Stove top oven. If you have a question that we have not covered below please Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

The Omnia Oven will work on virtually all stoves  including gas and electric stoves / hobs. It will unfortunately not work on an induction stove. 

The Omnia works very well on a wood burning stove - it's like campfire cooking but indoors! 

You can use grease proof paper to line the Omnia Oven - and we did for the first 6 months using it. It is a bit long winded and we would recommend getting a liner to make things easier and to keep your Omnia in tip top condition for longer.  

No, it is not non stick. It is however easy enough to clean. You can also use an Omnia Silicon Liner which is non stick and makes cleaning up very easy. 

If we make a main meal such as lasagne we find it is enough for 4 people or 3 large portions. We often have enough to last 2 nights using the leftovers. 

What can I cook in an Omnia Oven?

You can cook pretty much anything you can do in a regular oven.

See our About Omnia Oven page for more information and Omnia Oven recipe ideas. 

You can bake a cake in an Omnia Oven just like you do in an oven - it's just baked on a stove. See our 5 Easy Cake Bakes blog for more Omnia Oven recipe ideas. 

Yes you can just like a regular oven, you can even make fries too. Toss your vegetables in a small amount of oil. Heat your Omnia Oven base plate up on the stove, pop the pan on top and add a tablespoon of oil. Allow it to get very hot, carefully add vegetables, pop lid on and cook on a medium flame for 20 minutes. Turn veggies and cook for another 20 minutes.

Yes you can bake potatoes in the Omnia Oven. It helps if you have the Omnia baking rack to raise the potatoes off the bottom of the pan. This allows airflow and less chance of the potatoes burning.

Yes you can just like a regular oven.

Omnia Oven Accessories

We have the following Omnia Oven accessories available:

- Omnia Oven silicone liner

- Omnia Oven due silicone liner

- Omnia Oven baking rack

- Omnia Oven muffin ring 

The Omnia Oven silicone liner essentially allows quick and easy cleaning of the Omnia stove top oven after cooking and baking.

The silicone liner requires less water and elbow grease than cleaning the oven without one and will keep your oven in tip top condition for longer. 


Omnia Ovens are tested to LFGB-standards for Europe and FDA-standards for USA

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