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Cake BAKING In A Campervan

Bake cakes in an Omnia Oven as you would in a traditional oven.

From left to right - Coffee Cake, Golden Syrup Cake & Cinnamon Buns ( click the photos for the Omnia Oven Recipe) 

Anything is Possible in an Omnia Oven

Cook anything in a campervan, when camping or on a boat using the Omnia stove top oven. All you need is a hob! 

From left to right: Mac 'n' Cheese | Chestnut & Mushroom Pie | Oven Baked Chips 

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How To Cook using an Omnia Stove Top Oven

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Omnia Oven baking


Cooking & Baking?

Use the link below for the official Omnia recipe book and checkout our blog posts. We will be adding lots more recipes soon.