Omnia Oven UK shop baking rack
Omnia Oven uk stove top cooker baking rack
Omnia Oven baking rack
Omnia Oven baking rack

Omnia Oven Baking Rack

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The stainless steel Omnia Oven baking rack allows you to perfectly bake pre-baked breads, pastries, pies and jacket potatoes. Think tasty crusty bread and warm crispy croissants - who doesn’t want to wake up to those on a camping trip?! 

The rack is made to fit the Omnia Oven perfectly and is super easy to clean. It also makes the Omnia itself easier to clean as food is kept off the base on the rack. 

We also have Omnia Oven Silicone Liners available in our shop which are great for keeping the oven clean, especially when baking. 

Omnia Oven Baking Rack Product Specification 

  • Dimensions: 24.9 x 24.8 x 1.3cm 
  • Weight: 150g

Please note photos are for illustration purposes. Oven and croissants are not included. 

Omnia Oven Accessories

We also stock the following Omnia Oven accessories: 
Omnia Oven silicone liner 
Omnia Oven duo liner
Omnia Oven muffin ring

What can you Cook in an Omnia Oven?

You can cook almost anything in an Omnia Stove top oven that you would in a conventional oven. From full blown roast dinners to delicate cake bakes - anything is possible!

To see some of our Omnia Oven creations take a look at our blog showcasing 5 easy cake bakes

Need some Omnia Oven recipe inspiration? Check out the Omnia Oven recipe book here.  

Omnia Oven UK Shop 

We also stock other accessories for the Omnia in our Omnia Oven UK Shop including silicone liners and a muffin ring. We also offer Omnia sets which offer great value for money if you want to buy a few products together. 

Browse our Omnia Oven Shop here

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Outdoor and Indoor

Omnia Oven the portable stove perfect for campervans, tents and boats. If you can do it in a regular oven - heat, bake or cook - you can do it in an Omnia.

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