Vegan Big Mac Recipe with Homemade Fries

How to Make Vegan Big Mac and Homemade Fries 

Hands up who loves a Big Mac? We did until we took the decision to go vegan and have to admit we did miss it! There aren't many things that we miss eating being vegans and the thought of eating meat repulses us. That said, there are just those silly little things you still miss.

However we are now suddenly faced with a massive amount of alternatives to enjoy! As more people discover the health benefits of being vegan there has been a big rise in the amount of vegan food available in the supermarkets. 

We were delighted when we stumbled upon a recipe to make homemade Big Mac sauce and decided to give making the rest of it a go from scratch in our campervan. 

Friday night is burger night so we decided to give it a go as a special Friday night treat- and what a treat it was! The vegan Big Mac recipe is absolutely amazing and has now become a firm favourite on Friday nights and at BBQ's. 

Without further ado- here is how you can make your very own vegan Big Mac and fries: 

Big Mac Ingredients 

vegan Big Mac ingredients

-      4 vegan burgers (we use Linda MacCartney meatballs see why below)

-      4 slices of vegan cheese (We use violife cheese slices as they have the best taste and melt well on the burgers) 

-      3 large seeded burger buns

-      1 gherkin

-      1 white onion

-      1 baby gem lettuce

-      3 white potatoes 

Vegan Big Mac Sauce Ingredients

The below amounts allow for extra to dunk your fries in!

-      3 tbs vegan mayo

-      2 tsp mild yellow mustard

-      1 tsp garlic powder

-      1 tsp onion powder

-      1 tsp paprika

-      1 tsp white wine vinegar

How to Make Vegan Big Mac Burgers 

The easy way to do this would be to simply buy vegan burgers. However, in our experience they don't always taste that good and are a bit thick to make a proper authentic Big Mac. 

We use Linda MacCartney's meatballs because you can combine 3-4 meatballs to make a thin patty that taste amazing! 

Linda Maccartney meatballs

How to Make Vegan Big Mac Sauce 

This is so simple! Simply combine all the sauce ingredients together in a small bowl- that's it! 

Step by Step Method for Making Vegan Big Mac & Fries

1.    Cut the potato’s into thin fries with the skin on. Dry with kitchen roll and then toss in mixing bowl with oil and salt and pepper

2.    Heat the Omnia (or standard oven with a deep baking tray) up with a small amount of oil in on a high heat. Once up to heat place the fries in and leave for 25-30 mins (turning half way) 

Homemade fries in an Omnia Oven

3.    Combine all the sauce ingredients in small bowl

4.     Slice the onion and gherkin thinly and shred the lettuce into small pieces 

5.    If using meatballs combine 3 to pat down and shape into 4 thin patties

6.    Fry the burgers and onion (if you prefer cooked onion- we do!, otherwise leave the onion raw) for 5- 10 minutes- turning half way through 

7.    Arrange the lettuce, onions, gherkins and sauce on the buns 

8.    Place the cheese slices on top of the burgers in the pan 2 minutes before they are ready

9.    Once cooked arrange everything in the burger buns (don’t forget the 3rd piece of burger bun in the middle) 


vegan Big Mac and fries recipe

We used an adapted  BOSH TV RECIPE to make the burgers and think you will agree-they taste amazing! 

We use products from The Vegan Kind Supermarket which have a brilliant selection of vegan products on offer. Click their logo below to browse what they have to offer:

Please do contact us if you have any questions and please also do share photos with us of your Big Mac. Tag us on instagram or facebook using @brownbirdandcompany. Please also feel free to leave a comment below. 

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