How to Install Campervan Windows in a Camper Conversion

How to Install Campervan Windows in a Camper Conversion 

Fitting Windows in a Sprinter Campervan

We took the decision to have our windows installed in our sprinter campervan by a professional window fitter. We watched several YouTube videos and decided for the sake of paying somebody an extra £150 we would rather it was done properly and quickly- sometimes it's worth paying a bit more for less stress in a van build! 

We had two windows cut out and fitted in a couple of hours and had a relaxing coffee in Costa while it was done. This was the only time we had a relaxing coffee for the next seven weeks!

Installing campervan windows in a mercedes sprinter conversion

Greg Virgo made the same decision as us to have his windows fitted professionally and videoed it being done here:

Fitting Windows in other Campervans

HughTube has also done a good video for fitting windows in a non sprinter campervan and makes it all look very simple:

Cutting holes in vans creates rail dust which is tiny specs of metal that get carried easily in the wind and stick to the van paintwork. Make sure you cover as much of your van as possible when cutting holes and give it a jolly good clean after. If left too long they are really hard to get off although we have recently discover Autoglym Magma which makes this job much easier.

Top tip- try and get all the metal hole cutting done at the same time- it will save a lot of time and you can clean up all the rail dust at the same time. 

I hope this post helps you plan your campervan conversion if you do have any questions just CONTACT US and will do our best to help. 


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