Frying Pan Naan Bread - Quick and Easy No Yeast Recipe

Vegan Naan Bread Recipe Frying Pan Naan

Quick and Easy No Yeast Naan Bread Recipe - No Oven Needed!

We love making homemade curries including Indian curries, Thai currys and Dahl's. To accompany them we usually have rice or naan bread both of which we often cheat with! To try and minimise condensation from boiling rice for hours in the winter we often use ready cooked rice and if having naan bread we would usually have it ready made from a shop. 

One day we really fancied a curry but didn't have rice or naan bread in stock so we thought -  how hard can it be to make them?! We already knew how many surprising things you can make on a stove without an oven so hoped naan bread would be one of them. Guess what - you can, no oven needed! 

Making naan bread is amazingly easy without an oven and only takes around 20 minutes including prep - this is because you don't need yeast and so don't need time to allow it to rise. The best thing is we suspect you probably have all of the ingredients you need sat in your store cupboard to make them. 

Without further ado here is our frying pan naan bread recipe:

Frying Pan Naan Bread Ingredients

(Makes 4 medium sized naan breads) 

- 220g plain flour

- 1 tsp baking powder

- 2 tsp sugar 

- 1 tsp salt

- 2 tsp olive oil

- 120ml milk

- Garlic paste (or 2 garlic cloves crushed and mixed with 3 tbs of butter/marg) 

- Herbs (fresh coriander is ideal but you can experiment with other herbs)

Frying Pan Naan Bread Method 

1. Combine the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt and mix together in a large mixing bowl. 

2. Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and add in the milk and oil. 

3. Mix everything together until it forms a ball. 

4. Knead the dough until it becomes nice and elastic for approximately 5 minutes. You may need to add in more flour if the dough is too sticky. 

5. Let the dough rest for 10 minutes. Then divide the dough up into 4 pieces. 

6. Flour a flat surface and use a rolling pin to create the classic oval shape naan keeping the dough very thin (0.5cm ideally)

7. Heat a frying pan on a medium-high heat and then one by one cook one side of each naan. You may need a tiny amount of oil in the pan if it's not non stick. 

Naan Bread in a Frying Pan

8. Once one side is cooked smear the garlic paste and herbs on the cooked side and then cook the other side. Serve straight from the pan.

That's it who knew they were so easy to do. If you make these tag us we'd love to see your creations.

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