Campervan Conversion - How to Make A Van Into a Home

Campervan Conversion - How to Make A Van Into a Home

Which Van is Best for a Van Campervan Conversion?

The first thing you need to convert a van is…well a van!

This sounds like the easy bit - but trust me its not. You will need to spend many hours researching the type of van which will suit you best. Cash will be a major factor but so will how you intend to use it.

For us the van was going to be lived in full time and be our home. After spending many days reading online articles and reviews we decided on a Mercedes Sprinter. The main reason for this was the sexy badge! No seriously- it was for reliability, premium brand (thinking about future resale) and a good engine!

Long Wheel Base or Short Wheel Base Sprinter for a conversion?

Once a sprinter was decided upon we then began the long process of visiting garages and test driving them. We were undecided on a MWB or LWB initially as were a little worried about being restricted on parking with a LWB. We ended up buying a LWB as medium’s are much harder to find and we struggled to find any in good condition with lower mileage. As it turned out - parking is rarely an issue.

MB versus LWB Mercedes Sprinter

Where Do you Do a Campervan Conversion?

This can be a stumbling block for some people without a house. You obviously do need somewhere to park it and work on it- this needs to be preferably off-road and flat with access to electric. If you don’t have a house then try friends and family- you can always trade driveway use for another skill! We were lucky and had family with a large driveway and a garage with electric.

Do you need to be a DIY Expert to do a Campervan Conversion?

You will also need tools and an ability to perform some basic DIY - pretty much everything else can be learnt off YouTube! It also helps if you have a capable family member or friend who can turn their hand and help with the build. Luckily we had access to a garage full of tools too which was a great help.

Having a talented tool maker brother was also very handy and he helped us install quite a lot of the pipework for the heater and hob. We did get the gas tank fitted professionally though as this looks quite a tricky job to do!

Even if you have no DIY skills whatsoever - you will be amazed at what you can do and learn.

As always - please do  contact us  if you have any questions.

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