Best Campervan Games- Travel Games for 2 Players, Kids & Groups

What are the Best Campervan Games? Travel games for 2 players, kids & groups

There is nothing better than to get away from it all in your campervan, play a game, have a drink and switch off. It can be so refreshing not to have the TV blaring away and to actually interact with family and friends by playing a campervan game. 

However- as most of us know space can be limited in a campervan so we need to think about smaller games that take up less room. 

So what are the best travel games for a campervan that come in small sizes? We have come up with a list of great games that we have played that have kept us entertained for hours over the years. We have split them down into categories to make it easier for you to narrow down your choices, however bear in mind some games do span multiple categories (because they are that good!) 

Best Campervan Games for 2 players

1. Dobble

Now an award winning visual perception game that will cause laughter all around. Players compete to find the only matching symbol on each card (which is harder than you think!) You need lightning quick reactions with this one! 

Number of players: 2-8

Age- 6yrs +


2. Bananagrams

Think scrabble against the clock and without a board. This frantic word game is now a top hit with adults and children and all it requires you to do is use up all your letters to be crowned top banana! 

Bananagrams travel game

Number of players: 1-8

Age: 7yrs +


3. Monopoly Deal

This twist on the original board game is so much fun (when you are winning!) We actually think this version is better than the original game as it’s so much quicker. The aim is to complete 3 property sets but you have to be careful of your opponents debt collecting, stealing your properties or even stealing complete property sets (that hurts!)  

Monopoly deal campervan game

Number of players: 2-4

Age: 8yrs + 


4. Hive

Hive is a highly addictive strategic game that is only for 2 players and can be played anywhere with a flat surface. The object of the game is simple- to surround your opponents queen bug whilst also protecting yours from your opponent. Sounds simple right? It takes more strategy than you think! 

Number of players: 2 

Age: 9+ 


5. Good old playing cards!

You can’t beat them for the amount of different games you play with the same pack of cards. Our favorite games are Gin Rummy, Crazy Eights and War. See Kid Spot's website here for more game inspiration

Number of players: 1-8

Age: 4+ 


6. Dominos

Another classic game that takes up little room. If you’ve never played it before then watch the video for a simple explanation.


Number of players: 2-4

Age: 5+


Best campervan games for groups

1. Mini Jenga

The mini version of this wood stack balance game really is tiny which makes it even more tricky- especially for those with big hands/fingers! 

We made this game even harder by writing numbers on the wooden blocks and using a dice. You can then only pull out the number on the block which corresponds to the number on the dice. 

Mini jenga campervan game

Number of players: 2-6

Age: 6+


2. Cards Against Humanity

This one needs no introduction. If you are easily offended then it may best to stay clear of this game! If you have a good sense of humour and you have dirty or wrong minded friends then you are in for a fun game! The game is simple- one player asks a question from the black card and all others answer with their funniest white card. The black card holder chooses the most funny white card and that person gets all the cards. The person with the most cards at the end wins.

Number of players: 4+ 

Age: 17+ 


3. Sushi Go

A strategy game of draft and pass trying to make up winning combinations of sushi to score the most points. This is a super fun group card game that can be played by people of most ages- probably a good warm up game before playing the less tame cards against humanity! 

Number of players: 2-5 players

Age: 7+


4. Jungle Speed

You need quick reflexes and observing skills for this one which can be hard when you are all in fits of uncontrollable laughter. The name of the game is to get rid of all of your cards and to do so you must match them with your opponents. Sounds easy but some of the cards are almost identical but not quite so you have to be super observant. 

Jungle speed group campervan game

Number of players: 2-8

Age: 7+


5. Telestrations

We’ve included this one even though it’s on the larger side because it is so good. We’ve played this with lots of different groups of people and it always without fail causes people to be in hysterics. The game is basically Chinese whispers in drawing form.

Number of players: 2-8

Age: 12+


6. Ultimate Werewolf

This game is great for larger groups. Each player has an agenda- villagers hunt down werewolves and werewolves convince villagers they are innocent whilst killing them at night! The name of the game is to decipher who are the werewolves before they kill all the villagers! 

Ultimate werewolf- best campervan game

Number of players- 5-68

Age: 8+


Best Campervan Games for Kids

1. Dobble for kids

This is a simpler version of the original brilliant game which uses easily recognisable images for younger children. 

Best campervan game - Dobble for kids

Number of players: 2-8 

Age: 4+ 


2. UNO

One of the most iconic travel games that still provides hours of entertainment for all ages still. The game is played by matching colour, value or by using an action cards to change things. The aim is to get rid of all of your cards before everyone else. There are different varieties of the game available now which make it even more fun for kids like uno Junior. Uno is definitely a must campervan game for adults, kids and groups alike. 

Uno card game for a campervan

Number of players: 2-10 players

Age: 3+ 


3. Sushi Go

We’ve included this twice because it’s a great interactive game for adults and children. The cards have fab illustrations and graphics on them and will keep the kids (and big kids) entertained for hours. 

Sushi Go- best campervan game for kids

Number of players: 2-5 players

Age: 7+


4. Articulate Mini Game

This fast talking word game brings everyone together as players try to describe as many things on the cards as possible in 30 seconds. This one causes lots of laughter and is great for kids and adults.

Articulate mini- great campervan game for children

Number of players: 4+

Age: 12+


5. Avocado Smash

This game has become super popular recently and is a fresh take on the game of snap. Quick thinking is required on this one and you will probably find the kids will thrash you with their quick reactions! 

Number of players: 2+

Age: 6+ 


6. Mapominoes Europe

Learn while you play! This game is basically dominos but with maps and you need to connect countries by connecting a border. The first player to play all their country dominos wins. Don’t worry- you don’t need geography knowledge to play but that doesn’t stop you learning!

Mapominoes campervan card game for travel

Number of players: 2-5

Age: 8+


We hope you enjoy having a go at some of these games- we would love to hear if you have any travel game recommendations of your own - please email us any recommendations here

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