A Walk for a Friend -Slackline Record Breaking

A Walk for a Friend- The 3K Record Breaking Slackline Attempt in Norway 

This film set in Senja, Norway is all about Lukas Irmler and his team of 30's attempt to set a new record for the longest ever slackline. 

The film not only shows the team's amazing record for the longest slackline attempt ever but also showcases the beautiful scenery in Senja - one the most stunning areas of Norway. 

What is Slacklining? 

Slacklining involves a person walking (and balancing) across a narrow tape held in place at both ends by anchors.

It can be as extreme as you like. Most people start of doing it between trees at a low height just for fun and then the more extremists set it up between mountains 1000's of feet up in the air. 

It sounds easy right? Well trust me- it isn't! It took me a whole day to balance on a slackfline set up 3ft off the ground which was 2 meters in length! 

A Walk for a Friend Film

Here is the film made by Smiley Videography. Enjoy! 

A Walk For a Friend from Smiley Videography on Vimeo.

Famous Slackliners 

Lukas Irmler- Is a slackline professional and responsible for this record attempt. Find out more about Lukas Irmler on his slacklining website

Faith Dickey- probably the most influential female slack liner having completed a number of high altitude slacklines without using any safety gear. Check out Faith Dickey on her website

THAT SLACKLINE GIRL from kletterkiddies on Vimeo.


Bernard Witz- Became famous after completing a famous Norwegian high altitude slackline with using any safety protection. Learn more about Bernard Witz on his website

Want to know more about Slacklining? 

Has all this inspired you to get out and try highlining? Why not take a look at the following websites which give you advice on where to start, where to buy a slackline from and training tips:

Slackline.co.uk: https://slackline.co.uk/slacklining-for-beginners/

Red Bull:  Article on slacklining tips

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