Omnia Oven Recipe - Carrot and Walnut Cake

Omnia oven recipe carrot cake

Carrot and Walnut Cake - Omnia Recipe 

Before starting full time van life, when I was still in a 9-5pm job, this was my go to recipe for any cake bakes I needed to do for cake sales or for friends and family. The reason being - it's dead simple to do - you virtually chuck all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix together and stick it in the oven for an hour!

The only bit which takes a bit of time is grating the carrots - my advice is use a big grater! When we first started making this in a van I used a tiny little van sized grater which took forever - we have since bought a large (normal size) grater which makes it much less arduous! 

The topping on the carrot cake is simply divine - it works so well with the carrot cake and is probably our favorite cake topping of any of the cakes we make in the omnia oven. It is slightly trickier to make vegan as it can be a little runny and tricky to work with if just using margarine - our advice is use a solid margarine pat or a vegan butter. 

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For the purposes of this blog we will provide the recipe and method for baking the carrot cake in an Omnia Oven, however, if you have a built in oven the same principles apply - just use a cake tin instead of the Omnia tin. 

As usual we will provide the recipe for the carrot cake with a vegan option (which is what we use):


-      225ml vegetable oil 

-      200g plain flour

-      1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

-      275g light brown sugar (white also works)

-      3 tsp egg replacer plus 8 tbs water (or 3 eggs)

-      2 tsp ground cinnamon 

-      250g grated carrots

-      100g walnuts 

For the optional topping 

-      150g vegan cream cheese (or standard full fat cream cheese)

-      75g caster sugar

-      50g vegan butter (or standard butter)


1.    Grate the carrots and chop the pecans into small pieces. Leave 5-6 whole for the topping

2.    Add the vegetable oil, flour, bicarbonate of soda, sugar, egg replacer and water (or eggs) and cinnamon to a bowl and mix.

3.    Add in the carrots and pecans

4.    Place in the omnia on a low flame for 50-60 minutes. 

5.    Meanwhile mix the cream cheese, sugar and butter in a bowl. Whisk until all the lumps have gone and leave somewhere cool (A fridge ideally) 

6.    Once the cake has cooked (use a skewer to see if it comes out clean) remove from the Omnia and allow to cool 

7. Once cooled spoon on the cream cheese and arrange whole pecans 

To see our quick video on TikTok for how to make a Carrot Cake click here


Omnia oven carrot cake cake recipe

It’s simple - you just put the cake or dough mixture in the Omnia and then place on top of the hob. 
We just have 2 bits of advice for baking cakes in an Omnia oven:

1.    Cook on a much lower flame than normal - otherwise your cake might get a burnt bum! 
2.    Use an Omnia silicone liner - It makes getting the cakes out much easier and are also much better to clean. 

Please do contact us if you have any questions and please also do share photos with us of your creations. Tag us on instagram or facebook using @brownbirdandcompany. Please also feel free to leave a comment below. 

If you are looking to buy an Omnia Oven or any accessories then please take a look at our Omnia Oven UK Shop here

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