Top 10 Mountain Adventure and Climbing Films

Top 10 Mountain Adventure and Climbing Films 

We have compiled a list of our top 10 mountain adventure and climbing films that have inspired us over the years. These are all available to buy or rent and we have included trailers for each film and then links to where you watch them in full - enjoy! 

Valley Uprising

Valley Uprising is one of those which has been watched over and over again and never fails to make us want to get out climbing. Valley Uprising documents the history of rock climbing from the depths of Yosemite. Includes features on famous climbers such as Lynn Hill, Jim Bridwell, Royal Robbins and Alex Honnold to name but a few.

The Dawn Wall 

The Dawn Wall documents Tommy Cauldwell’s and Kevin Jorgeson attempt at climbing the legendary 3000ft Dawn Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite.


Distilled is the story of Mountain Guide Andy Cave featuring some amazing footage of the Scottish Mountains. If you love Scotland you will love this film as it really shows off the beauty and ferocity of the area. If you enjoy this film I can highly recommend Andy Cave’s book Learning to Breathe’ which goes into greater detail the adventures shown in the film.

Echo Wall

Echo wall is a documentary film shows top climber Dave MacLeod’s epic project route- Echo Wall which is on the North Face of Ben Nevis. It’s probably the hardest trad route in the UK and hasn’t been repeated since. I climbed past this route whilst completing Tower Ridge in 2019 and it looks ridiculously hard!

Free Solo

Free Solo- Famous free soloist Alex Honnold had a dream of climbing El Capitan without a rope. This documentary directed by Jimmy Chinn and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi is nail biting from the start and you don’t have to be into climbing to appreciate how scary this dream mission is.


Meru- An account of Conrad Anker’s, Jimmy Chinn and Renan Ozturk’s first ascent of Mount Meru- a giant sharks fin in the Indian Himalaya. This award winning documentary is gripping from start to finish and is a must for anybody who loves the mountains.

Touching The Void 

Touching The Void- A truly amazing first hand account of Joe Simpson’s and Simon Yates's treacherous ascent of the west face of Siula Grande. What happened on the expedition is unbelievable and I still struggle to believe how Joe Simpson survived his ordeal. If you enjoy this film you should also read the book- Touching The Void by Joe Simpson which goes into even more detail.

The North Face

The North Face- The incredible and tragic story of the first ever attempt and climbing the North Face of the Eiger by 2 competing teams of climbers.

Beyond The Edge

Beyond The Edge- A classic and stunning film documents Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s first ascent of Everest.


Mountain-A spectacular film which explores our obsession with mountains. Directed by Jennifer Peedom this film is made up from 2000 hours of footage shot in 15 countries.

What are your favourite adventure films? We would love to hear about them- please do comment below. 

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