Omnia Oven Cake Baker Set - Camping Gift

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Save money with the The Omnia Oven Cake Baking Starter Set. It includes:

- Omnia Stove Top oven 
- Omnia Oven Muffin Ring

Campervan & Camping Gift Idea

The Omnia Oven cake baker set makes a great Campervan gift or camping gift for explorers and adventurers who love to cook and bake cakes whilst travelling.

The Omnia Oven and muffin ring complement each really well allowing to bake easily whilst on the go in a campervan or whilst camping. 

Create scrumptious muffins or cupcakes with the Omnia Oven muffin ring. Basically anything you would cook in a muffin tray or paper cases you can cook in the muffin ring. E.g. Muffins, cakes, Yorkshire puddings and brioches. 

The ring is non stick and is also collapsible which means it can easily sit within all the other Omnia components in a storage bag - very important for maximising storage on your travels.

Made of BPA-free silicone and meets US Food and Drug Administration and German LFGB (Food and Feed Code) standards.

The Omnia stove top oven allows you cook and bake on the move whilst travelling in a campervan, on camping trips or in a boat. It is a stove top portable oven that can be used on almost any hob apart from glass ceramic hobs and induction.

Please note photos for illustration purposes only gas stove is not included.

How does the Omnia Oven Work?

The Omnia is made up of 3 parts (base, baking container and lid) and when placed on a heat source it generates heat in both the top and bottom of the container. This is due to the unique circular design which works in 2 ways:

  • The heat on the base spreads heat along the bottom which cooks the bottom and side of the food.
  • The hole in the middle forces heat upwards to the top of the container which then cooks the top of the food.

What can you Cook in an Omnia Oven?

You can cook almost anything in an Omnia Stove top oven that you would in a conventional oven. From full blown roast dinners to delicate cake bakes - anything is possible!

To see some of our Omnia Oven creations take a look at our blog showcasing 5 easy cake bakes

    Need some Omnia Oven recipe inspiration? Check out the Omnia Oven recipe book here.  

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    Omnia Oven UK Shop 

    We also stock other accessories for the Omnia in our Omnia Oven UK Shop including a baking rack and a muffin ring. We also offer a money saving Omnia Oven gift set which includes a duo liner and a camping gift set which includes a liner and baking rack together. 

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