Anevay Horizon portable wood burning stove
Horizon outdoor stove
Horizon outdoor wood burner
Anevay horizon stove
Horizon outdoor portable wood burner

Anevay Horizon Stove - Portable Wood Burning stove

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The Horizon portable wood burning stove is a super lightweight outdoor wood burner that is ready to cook on in seconds. One the most impressive things about this outdoor stove is it's protective cage never gets hot so you can pick it up when when lit. 

Despite it's lightweight the Horizon stove is very sturdy and can support large pans (Great for larger groups of people). It's the perfect outdoor stove for camping trips, campervan travel, garden cookouts and a more impressive alternative to a BBQ! 

Horizon Portable Wood Burner Features 

  • Ultra lightweight at 1.8kg
  • Portable even when lit due to it's protective non heat cage
  • Smokeless once lit
  • Eco friendly as it can run on small amounts of fuel including sticks, twigs, driftwood, eco logs or kindling.
  • Sturdy enough to hold large pans for big groups
  • Cook immediately 

The Horizon will boil a pan of water using only a few pieces of kindling or driftwood. This means no gas canisters or disposable BBQs going to landfill, and you can forage for fuel wherever you are, whether it’s the woods, the mountains, the beach or your back garden.

The Horizon is made for adventure and built to last: no moving parts mean it's the toughest thing around for cooking.

Horizon Stove Specification 

Weight: 1.8kg

Dimensions: 270mm x 270mm x 250mm

Fuel Type: Wood (sticks, kindling, driftwood, eco logs)

Campervan & Camping Portable Stove 

If you are looking for a campervan or camping portable woodburner then the Horizon stove has been tried and test by some amazing vanlifers and campers! Checkout the following profiles to see the stove in action:

Camper Dreamin using the Horizon stove 

Vildmark using the Horizon Portable Camping Stove 

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