Omnia Oven Foil Baking Dish – 5 Pack

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To work alongside the Omnia Oven- the Omnia foil baking dish allows you to cook and bake in the Omnia and keep it safe and contained for a later date. Designed specifically for the Omnia Oven, food cooked in the foil dish can simply be removed, stored or frozen and then reheated if necessary in the same dish. 

To reheat you would simply need to place the baking dish back in the Omnia Oven, fold the edges and reheat on a low to medium heat.

Product Specification 

  • Material: Recyclable aluminium 
  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 9cm
  • Weight: 236g

We also sell Silicone Liners which are reusable liners to keep your Omnia Oven clean and easier to use. 

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